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You arrive at a networking event that you haven’t been to before.

The front desk is unmanned. You are left to awkwardly linger for a while. Finally, someone notices you. You get your name badge and a rushed welcome from a someone distracted by their own conversations. Not a great first impression, is it? You spend the rest of the evening feeling put-out and unwelcome. You end up leaving early, with hardly any interesting new connections.

You don’t come back next month.

Why are we introducing hosts?

A host can make or break a networking event. Those first few moments when you walk in the door often make a big difference. Can you confidently approach the other people in the room, or will you leave unhappy?

Our MD Julie has been at every Met Club event since taking over the business in 2014. But this year the Met Club is evolving. Our agenda is to build the Met Club for industry professionals, and to be developed by those professionals, so they too can meet more people and grow their businesses. To that end, we are introducing Met Club “hosts” to our eventsphere.

The Met Club only creates events for specific purposes: professional networking, informing businesses of regional developments, council and government agendas, and promoting other companies via sponsorship. Unlike so many other networking and events organisations, we never “farm” contacts for a hidden business.

We are constantly trying to improve the range of events we run, including more areas and more types of event. By bringing hosts on board, we can grow our calendar without compromising on the attention to detail given to each event.

At last month’s Harrogate and York networking meetings, some of you will have met our first host, Nichola Hindle-Marsh. From now on, Nichola will be in charge of hosting our Meet & Mingles in York and Harrogate.

Why become a Met Club host?

Why did Nichola choose to become a host for the Met Club?

Nichola Hindle-Marsh, one of the Met Club's hosts“Over the years, I’ve gone to a few Met Club events and enjoyed the relaxed vibe and company of the people who’ve been at them. The fact that the Club’s emphasis is on providing professional people with the opportunity to connect on a more personal level first, without diving straight into a “hard sell” fits with my philosophy for doing business in my own marketing consultancy.

So when Julie said she was looking for help hosting and promoting the North Yorkshire event series, I absolutely wanted to get involved. To play a small part in hosting quality networking events which give people a chance get out of their office environment every now and again, share their experiences, form new professional friendships and support each other’s businesses.”

We have all these business contacts waiting for potential hosts to meet – what better way to grow  your business, than by helping The Met Club develop it.

Are you interested in being a host?

Are you friendly, outgoing, and looking to boost your profile within your local area? We are looking for people just like you!

In particular, we are looking for hosts in the Sheffield, Ilkley and Bradford areas. But any region will be considered. Wherever you’re based in the country, from London to Manchester to Bristol to Edinburgh, we’d love to hear your ideas about expanding into your region.

All you need to get involved is:

  • Be local to the area
  • Have good knowledge of the businesses around you
  • Have passion, commitment, a little time and tons of energy.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested, drop us a message today.

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