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In Diverse Company

Growth through inclusion

Companies that create an inclusive environment and a diverse talent base are more likely to achieve commercial success. In Diverse Company partners with businesses who want to accelerate their commercial success. We work with companies who have global footprints and big ambitions.
Every company and organisation is different. So we look at every business with a fresh pair of eyes and a positive outlook, and ensure we offer flexibility along the way.

In Diverse Company is a HR and Tech consultancy, our unique methodology incorporates data science and human expertise. We analyse data from the past, to make recommendations for the future, ensuring we focus on D&I in its broadest sense. We help you make decisions that will impact significantly, and measurably, on your business performance. We measure success so you can do more of what works best, via our D&I ROI™ tool.

We are collaborating with some of the top Universities in the world and have developed the D&I maturity model ™, which assesses the overall inclusivity of an organisation and includes a psychometric leadership assessment to measure the inclusiveness of a leader or individual within an organisation. These two products differentiates us and we have a unique blend of data scientists, statisticians, OD and Psychology practitioners.

We partner with businesses who, like us, believe that diversity isn’t just good for business, it’s good for people.

We’re proud to announce we are now approved suppliers on the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 3 framework. This framework is part of the UK Gov Digital Marketplace, an online and centralised tool for public sector organisations to search for and identify partners to provide digital solutions.

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