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York was recently voted the most beautiful city in the country, as well as being the city most Brits would want to move to, given the opportunity. Harrogate has similarly been ranked as the best place to live in North East England and Yorkshire.

But these two cities are also two of the most expensive places to live in Yorkshire – more on a par with areas in the south than the rest of the county. House prices continue to rocket nationally, and, for many people, York and Harrogate will remain out of reach.

In comparison with London and other areas of the south, Yorkshire is considerably more affordable. This has attracted many individuals and businesses to relocate from the capital to the north. Combined with investments by the local council into infrastructure and enterprise, the Yorkshire is seeing a huge wave of economic growth.

But economic growth generally leads to price increases – which leads to an increase in house prices, which means that low-income families are priced out of the area they grew up in. For this reason, social housing has never been a more important issue for Yorkshire.

Following on from the Met Club’s last social housing event, we have formed a steering group to determine how best to tackle the issue of social housing in Yorkshire. The members of the steering committee are each influential authorities in the region:

  • Naz Parkar is the Executive Director of the Homes and Communities Agency for the North East, Yorkshire and The Humber. His team of 80 staff oversee the delivery of the agency’s investment projects in housing, land and regeneration around the region.
  • Steve Waddington is the Assistant Director for Housing and Community Safety in the City of York Council.
  • Madeleine Bell is Head of Housing and Property for Harrogate Borough Council.

We will be holding three events around the region to allow this steering committee to communicate local issues and any new council policies and plans, as well as answering questions from the audience.

The first of these events will be a planning lunch on May 27th at Hazlewood Castle. The event costs £42 for members and £60 for non-members. If you’re interested in learning more about social housing in York and Harrogate, please check out the event page for booking and more information.

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