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Social housing continues to be hot topic in property and development. Throughout the rest of this year we’re hosting three different Social Housing lunches, concerning North Yorkshire, Newcastle and Leeds City Region.

Social Housing in North Yorkshire

Our first event, taking place in October, concerns social housing in North Yorkshire.

Housing in North Yorkshire is unaffordable for many. Cities like York and Harrogate are among the most attractive places to live in the country – meaning house prices and rental rates are correspondingly higher. The towns and villages around the county are also popular as commuter bases or for second homes, driving up house prices ever further. The average house price is almost ten times the average local salary.

The demographics of North Yorkshire are also changing rapidly, with one in four households being aged 65 or over. There is also a higher than average proportion of couples without children. The availability of flats or small houses is lower than across the rest of the UK, meaning families seeking to downsize will struggle to find suitable properties.

All of this means that less wealthy families in North Yorkshire often struggle to find housing within their budget, and find themselves needing to turn to social housing. However, levels of social rented homes are low compared to the national average, and demand exceeds supply. Over 2000 households are on the waiting list in Harrogate alone, and in any year, less than one in ten applicants is likely to be allocated a property.

Various plans are in place to increase the quantity of affordable housing available. Building new homes is a key aspect of this, but less than 1% of the total housing stock is made up of new homes each year. Maintaining and improving the quality of existing stock is also essential.

Who Should Attend

While gaining unbeatable knowledge from our guest speakers, there will be excellent networking opportunities –  In attendance there will be Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Project Managers, Housebuilders, Contractors, Repair and Maintenance, Business Development Managers, Solicitors, Lawyers and many more corporate professionals.

Event Details

Our speaking panel for the North Yorkshire lunch will include Madeleine Bell, the Head of Housing and Property for Harrogate Borough Council, Dilys Jones, Area Manager for Homes & Communities Agency, and Tom Brittain, Assistant Director of Housing and Community Safety for York Council.

Our second event, later in October, is for the Newcastle area, and features Tina Drury from Your Homes Newcastle and Rob Pearson from the Homes & Communities Agency.

Rob Pearson returns for our final Social Housing event of the year, concerning Leeds City Region and taking place in November. He is joined on the panel by Neil Evans from Leeds City Council.

Social housing affects hundreds of thousands of people living and working across the region, and we are keen to get local businesses and individuals more involved in the process.

The North Yorkshire Social Housing lunch is taking place on Thursday 5 October, 11:30am – 2:30pm, venue TBC. Tickets cost £37.50+VAT for members and ££60+VAT for non-members, and can be purchased here.

The Newcastle Social Housing lunch is taking place on Friday 20 October, 12:00pm – 2:30pm, with venue to be confirmed later. Tickets cost £37.50+VAT for members and ££60+VAT for non-members, and can be purchased here.

The Leeds City Region Housing Lunch is taking place on Friday 17 November, 11:30am – 2:30pm, with venue to be confirmed later. Tickets are not currently on sale.

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